The new world is going green. So we are proud to say that MOTOLOG is inspired by the idea, GreenApp.

In today’s business world, Apps have become the most powerful platform ever for conducting commerce and managing customer relationships.

MOTOLOG provides a faster and easier way for Vehicle dealers to get immense exposure and hit more consumers through the door and drive car sales. MOTOLOG brings the best potential experience Android having a selection of customization and personalization features, which stands out from the rest.

MOTOLOG will have a reflective impact on every aspect of the dealer.Due totheir superior pace, ease of use, and greater depth of features, MOTOLOG is more successful at getting customers closer to the trader. MOTOLOGO is a necessity for dealers looking to outshine in today’s automotive bazaar.

We are the first mobile app that allows dealer to have a mobile app strategy, so employees can find rich, detailed info about every new product and offers.