Are you troubled about managing your company payroll? Trying to figure out where you got confused or lost? Just wishing you could get everything organized and cut through all the clutter?
Look no further because with KeepLog, you get to know the ease of managing payroll right at your fingertips. Keeplog gives you accurate and organized details about your payroll in a simple, user-friendly and dynamic manner. So, lets say its time you stopped worrying about payroll.

Key Features

-Keeplog is a simple app with an easy to use Payroll system.
-Get to do an hourly/daily based payroll calculations right at your fingertips
-Give your employees a direct SMS/Email detailed with the salary break up
-Track Attendance in real time
-Get to know each Employee’s Rating
-Easy to use and fast Tax Calculation,
-Keep track with the Pay History.
-Get to Backup and Restore your database to forgo any data loss

Security: Your data is protected by bank level security.
Don’t have a Keeplog account?
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